What is Your Official
Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification Program?

Your Official Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification Program is a multiple-choice online test examination in which you can participate from your own PC from anywhere around the world. Your test contains 50 questions and you have 60 minutes in a single session to answer your questions. Your test and certification cost in total USD 199. No other hidden costs or fees involved. In order to pass your certification examination and obtain your Official Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification you need to correctly answer at least 60% of your test questions. Examination success rate is 98.5%.
The overall process to get Your Official Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification is as simple and fast as the following:
  1. Register Online for Your Official Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification Program.
  2. We send your Exam Access Code instantly Online after Registration.
  3. Take your Online Test Exam anywhere and anytime you want, and answer 50 multiple-choice questions.
  4. Get your Lifetime and Worldwide valid Official Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification instantly after you finish your Exam.

Are You Afraid Of Failing At Your Examination?

WE PROVIDE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Yes. You read it correctly. We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee if you fail at your Examination! In case you may not pass your certification examination during your first attempts, your access code will be free of charge reactivated up to 10 times, so you can retake your examination without any additional fee.
If you still fail at your last attempt, we will hassle free refund your full registration fee without asking any questions!

Examination and Certification are all inclusive for USD 199. No hidden fees ever.

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From your International DevOps Certification Academy™ Industry Feedback page you can read some examples of how the others took the benefit of our worldwide recognized official DevOps Certification programs. Furthermore, Our Official DevOps Certification Owners page provides a list of our students certified by our International DevOps Certification Academy™'s DevOps Certification Programs.

Please have a look at your Frequently Asked Questions page in case you may have some further questions about your Official DevOps Certification programs.

Moreover, please check your Example DevOps Certification Test Questions page to get an idea of how your DevOps Certification test questions look like.

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Your DevOps Training Program prepared by our consortium of renowned Business and People Leaders, DevOps Coaches, Mentors, Experts and Authorities from all major Industries are available to all visitors of International DevOps Certification Academy™'s web site. Your Online DevOps Training Materials are accessible under Your Free DevOps Book and Your Free Premium DevOps Training items from the top menu.

Although this Online DevOps Training Program is the copyrighted intellectual property of International DevOps Certification Academy™, we wanted to make these materials freely accessible for everybody. We believe that only by sharing our expertise we can best serve for DevOps Professionals and for the further development of DevOps Domain.

Your DevOps Certification examination comprises multiple-choice Test Questions. Reading your Online DevOps Training Program will be very helpful for DevOps Professionals like you to acquire the knowhow to pass your DevOps Certification Examination and to get your DevOps Certification.

We guarantee that Your Free of Charge Premium Online Training will make you pass Your DevOps Certification Exam!

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Why Your Official Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification is extremely Valuable for You, for Your Employers and for Your Clients?

DevOps Project Manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Key DevOps Project Manager responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are cost, schedule, scope, and quality.

DevOps Project Manager is often a client representative and has to determine and implement the exact needs of the client, based on knowledge of the firm he is representing. DevOps Project Manager is the bridging gap between the development/delivery team and client. Therefore, DevOps Project Manager has a fair knowledge of the industry he is in, so that he is capable of understanding and discussing the problems with the delivery team and client. The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the contracting party, and to form close links with the nominated representatives, is essential in ensuring that the key issues related to cost, schedule, scope and quality can be efficiently resolved, and above all client satisfaction can be realized.

The term and title “DevOps Project Manager” describes the person who is given the responsibility to complete a project. DevOps Project Manager is the person with full responsibility and he has the required level of accountability and authority to deliver the desired project objectives within project budget, on time and with the highest possible quality.

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Your Benefits with Your Official
Certified DevOps Project Manager™ (DevOps-PM™) Certification

Benefits for Employees, Freelancers, Coaches and Trainers

  • It will be your Official Proof of Competence and up-to-date Knowhow in DevOps Domain.
  • It will help you become better than your competition and ultimately get hired for your next big challenge.
  • It will broaden your perspective. It will help you get more responsibilities and better career opportunities compared to your peers.
  • It will provide a brand new toolset that you can deliver great products and services that your customer will enjoy and love.

Benefits for Employers

  • It will reduce costs by improving efficiency of your teams, activities and processes.
  • It will help you win projects with your qualified employees.
  • It will improve employee satisfaction by encouraging them to get trained and learn.
  • It will improve the quality of your deliverables and customer satisfaction.

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What makes Your DevOps Certifications Best of the Industry?

Massive Purpose

International DevOps Certification Academy™ made DevOps Trainings and DevOps Certifications accessible for the whole world including developed and developing countries. We solved your problem in DevOps Education by serving your Innovative, Economical and fully Online DevOps Certification Programs.

We have been asked thousands of times why your DevOps Certification Programs are starting from only USD 99 despite of our popularity, authority and credibility across the globe. The answer is very simple: USD 99 is more than or equivalent to a daily wage in 90% of all countries in the world. We can only help the world and achieve our purpose because we serve your DevOps programs affordable for everybody including you and everyone else.


More than 994,700 people became officially certified with our DevOps Certification Programs. Worldwide Credibility and Acceptance of Accredited DevOps Certifications issued by International DevOps Certification Academy™.

You credited us with a tremendous stream of success stories: From getting hired at your position, your outstanding performance in your new team, to building multimillion dollar companies, and everything in between. Read More Reviews and Feedback here.


Certification Programs have been developed by a consortium of Selected end-to-end DevOps Software Delivery Teams, DevOps Practitioners, Experts and Authorities.

International Recognition from all industries and from all leading organisations which embrace DevOps Software Engineering and DevOps Practices.

International DevOps Certification Academy™ built for you very personalised programs which match to your career goals and ambitions. We are your partner to help you develop your new skills and credentials.


No queues, no schedules, no appointments. This is just a clever solution for you. Rapid and Online Accredited DevOps Certification Programs. Take your Online DevOps Certification Test Exam from your own PC anywhere and anytime you would love to. Simple, quick and powerful, isn't it? Just we all need in our busy lives.

No mandatory classroom trainings. DevOps Professionals were obliged to attend expensive classroom trainings as an indispensable part of other certification programs. However, International DevOps Certification Academy™ doesn't only value the knowhow gained from classroom trainings, but also we value the knowhow gained from reading and self-study or from any other medium and experience. Therefore, we do NOT mandatorily require our members to get classroom trainings before they can get officially certified in DevOps.


International DevOps Certification Academy™ is the largest and fastest growing DevOps Community with over 994,700 Official Certified DevOps Generalist™, DevOps Executive™, DevOps Project Manager™, DevOps Product Owner™, DevOps Architect™, DevOps Developer™, DevOps Operations Engineer™, DevOps Quality Assurance Engineer™, DevOps Information Security Engineer™, DevOps Release Manager™, DevOps Trainer™ and DevOps Coach™ Certification Owners.

To support you and your DevOps community we are committed and passionate about sharing unique content, expert tips, real life recommendations in interesting DevOps execution and DevOps delivery subjects which matter for the DevOps community.


Are You Afraid Of Failing At Your Examination?
There is no reason to be!


Yes. You read it correctly. We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee if you fail at your Examination!

In case you may not pass the examination during your first attempts, we will hassle free refund your full registration fee without asking any questions!


Your DevOps Certifications are Valid for Lifetime and they are Worldwide Recognized. No renewal fees, no redundant subscriptions which don't serve you. Certificates issued by other certification programs are only valid for a few years or even less because they treat certification renewal process as an easy way to generate income. We believe that no fundamental changes are happening in the very core of DevOps which deserves continuous examinations to revalidate proficiency in DevOps.

DevOps offers endless possibilities how companies tailor DevOps or merge it with other project, process and development frameworks for their particular needs and environments. This shouldn't be perceived as an evolution of DevOps itself.


High Quality and Premium Online DevOps Certification Experience for World's most reasonable and economical DevOps Certification prices.

Moreover, we provide your free of charge premium online DevOps training on your web portal. Reading your Online DevOps Training Program will be very helpful for DevOps Professionals like you to acquire the knowhow to pass your DevOps Certification Examinations and to get your Accredited DevOps Certifications.

We guarantee that your free of charge premium online training will make you pass your Certification Exam!


We know you love DevOps. We too… We also love what we do which is to unconditionally serve you and your DevOps Community. We have been numerous times credited by your DevOps Community that every online or personal interaction performed with International DevOps Certification Academy™, People felt our passion and loyalty to make every interaction perfect, and our unique commitment to make an outstanding DevOps Certification Experience for you.

We do everything in our power and 365 days a year to serve the best DevOps Certification Experience in the world and for the world! And everyday we go extra mile to make it even better.